Sunday, October 16, 2016




A couple of years ago I would always have a pair of socks on my needles. I would make other things too, but in parallel there would always be a pair of socks. Good for knitting in the bus when there is not a lot of space, easy to take in a bag and often one doesn’t need to take a pattern on the trip as one can store the information in one’s head. 

In those days I had often 3 projects simultaneously cast-on and that didn’t really work for me, and these days I am a “monogamous” knitter, strictly one project at the time, unless I have to wait for extra yarn. And somehow when I changed to being a single project knitter, socks became less a priority and anyways I made so many pairs, so we were covered… But now after a good clean out as many pairs had holes (well they got worn) and it is getting colder, some members in my household started to ask for socks… I still have a quite a stash full of sock-yarn, so it is a matter of making a choice of pattern and sock yarn… So some Shibui Sock (now discontinued) and a nice Cookie Pattern (Mona) and time on the train and bus and:


The other good thing with sock knitting is turning the heel, my favourite bit of knitting and I had kind of forgotten that… I’m not done yet with sock knitting, so I have now Lateral on my needles…. just turned a heel,so I leave that here….. And there is a kind of KAL on ITFF so I think there will be more socks coming this autumn to fill those drawers in our clothing cupboards once again….


Sunday, September 11, 2016




This time of year, with the students coming back to town and the days in the calendars get filled with appointments and meetings, it is good to remain in summer mood. The Autumn term is always busy, filled with things and quickly before you know it, it is dark and winter is upon us. So a project to keep the sunny up is most welcome… This one for sure is, an easy knit where the yarn does make the project. The yarn in this case is Madelinetosh merino tosh light in chamomile. I love this yarn, a sturdy single ply in such nice colours. Just very good for projects in the Spring or Autumn, when you need some warmth but not too much….

Th pattern for this little sweater is Folded, I started with exactly the pattern, but for the yoke I went my own way. So my sweater doesn’t have the wide neck as the pattern, but I think that work better for me. I did quite extensive short rows to do the shaping and I am pretty pleased with it. It is a near sunny sweater and it will get plenty of ue I think.

Right now I actually don’t really need it, it is unseasonally warm here, so high-summer clothes it is right now, but I will need this sweater soon, too soon in a way... 

Friday, September 2, 2016




During my long stay in the US this summer, I did have the good fortune to travel near to Northampton, the place where WEBS is…. and of course I did visit it and spend half a day and too much money…. But it was nice as it is a big place, the front is big and then when you go into the back-room, oh my… One thing I did do was a bit of thinking beforehand what I would want to buy. Normally I get completely lost in a big yarn-shop, everything is tempting and great and since I can’t buy “everything” it normally is nothing that I buy. That is of course not a bad thing at all, my stash does not need to grow and at least I get to see a lot of yarn. But this time I wanted to take something back, so I had done a shortlist.

One of the yarns I wanted was Zooey. I have used this yarn before and it is just lovely to work with. I made a sweater for M with it that she has been wearing a lot and it is just as lovely as when I made it. It comes in cheery colours and has a slight thick/thin structure that gives a nice fabric. M choose 4 colours that went well together so a sweater it had to be. I used a stripe design and a round yoke with some short rows… The only problem that I ran into was that the one ball of light- purple was not enough so I had to order one more. S is showing it here, but really it is meant for M.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Been away



It’s been a while...

I have been away, conferences followed by holiday. Just one picture above of a knit in use on a whale-watching trip in New Brunswick. One picture below of a knit produced during the last weeks...


Yes it has been good (and I have visited WEBS, even better…).


Sunday, July 3, 2016

And stretch...


I just came home from a week of travels and meetings. Quite a number of train journeys once again, so I still got some knitting done. A small cropped cardigan for M, good to cover cold shoulders on a not so warm Summer’s day. The pattern is Carousel and apart from slightly longer sleeves (upon request), there were no other changes to this pattern. I knitted it in cotton, Cascade Ultra Pima fine, one of my favourite yarns. A soft cotton, with loads of colour options, still quite sturdy and so good for summer knitting. 


Green is M’s favourite colour of the moment, so I think it will get worn. I love the slight vintage feel of this one, who knows I might make a Grown-Up version of this one for myself one day….


Friday, June 24, 2016

Short and Boxy


I like tape paper-like cotton yarn. I knitted now for a second time with this kind of yarn and it just gives such a nice unusual fabric. It is almost linen-like in some aspects, but there is also a crisp to it that makes quite a different fabric. It is perfect for Teen- items, like a short and boxy tee… Easy to wear in summer time.

The pattern is called Hole in One, and I did actually make some changes. I had to adjust as the smallest size was way too big for S. I also redid the sleeve caps and made the whole item actually slightly longer. It was a quick knit, but those hours spent in trains did of course help a lot….


Rude Awakenings



This morning I got woken up by a thunderstorm. It actually had thundered throughout the night but it intensified just around 6:30. My husband also woke up and started to read the news on his iPad, an even ruder awakening… Brexit….

I am a scientist, we work in a very international setting both at work and through our collaborations. We are in EU projects and although occasionally we sigh about the bureaucracy of the EU, it has given us an advantage. I think this exit will have effects on us, how and what, I can’t say yet, but I don’t think it will be for the better. Sad that is what it is!