Sunday, July 3, 2016

And stretch...


I just came home from a week of travels and meetings. Quite a number of train journeys once again, so I still got some knitting done. A small cropped cardigan for M, good to cover cold shoulders on a not so warm Summer’s day. The pattern is Carousel and apart from slightly longer sleeves (upon request), there were no other changes to this pattern. I knitted it in cotton, Cascade Ultra Pima fine, one of my favourite yarns. A soft cotton, with loads of colour options, still quite sturdy and so good for summer knitting. 


Green is M’s favourite colour of the moment, so I think it will get worn. I love the slight vintage feel of this one, who knows I might make a Grown-Up version of this one for myself one day….


Friday, June 24, 2016

Short and Boxy


I like tape paper-like cotton yarn. I knitted now for a second time with this kind of yarn and it just gives such a nice unusual fabric. It is almost linen-like in some aspects, but there is also a crisp to it that makes quite a different fabric. It is perfect for Teen- items, like a short and boxy tee… Easy to wear in summer time.

The pattern is called Hole in One, and I did actually make some changes. I had to adjust as the smallest size was way too big for S. I also redid the sleeve caps and made the whole item actually slightly longer. It was a quick knit, but those hours spent in trains did of course help a lot….


Rude Awakenings



This morning I got woken up by a thunderstorm. It actually had thundered throughout the night but it intensified just around 6:30. My husband also woke up and started to read the news on his iPad, an even ruder awakening… Brexit….

I am a scientist, we work in a very international setting both at work and through our collaborations. We are in EU projects and although occasionally we sigh about the bureaucracy of the EU, it has given us an advantage. I think this exit will have effects on us, how and what, I can’t say yet, but I don’t think it will be for the better. Sad that is what it is!

Saturday, June 18, 2016



I just spend almost 15 hours of the last two days travelling…. Work duties but it gave me plenty of time to do some knitting…. On the way up I looked at my lectures but on the way back I just knitted, after all it is a Saturday isn’t?

Monday, June 13, 2016

Seaming done...



So it got seamed….yesterday afternoon my new cardigan was finally finished. This one took a bit of time, the lace was not hard but my row gauge was seriously off which meant that I had to think carefully about the V-neck and the sleeve caps and the whole process did take a bit of time. My stitch could was spot on, so there was no wiggle room. The back was no problem and that got knitted really fast, but as I had to rip and reknit the fronts partly twice, that took a bit more time and I also got slightly tired by it. When I finally had finished the fronts, the sleeves went really fast and that was good. In the end it all worked out and I am quite happy with this one.The yarn ( mostly cotton and a bit cashmere) is nice and soft. It was easy to work with and even though I redid part of the fronts at least twice, no signs of wear. Also this yarn has quite a bit more drape than just a cotton yarn and for a cardigan like this, without much waist shaping, it is required. The colour is nice and cheery. The patterns is quite ok but as I had to follow so much my own path, I didn’t really use it that much, but I do like the lace and the casualness of it. A good one for evenings and colder summer days (like this week….).


Sunday, June 12, 2016




I have kind of neglected this blog the last month or so. It has just been quite busy and with sudden very warm weather too, just not a good time to do some writing… But I promise, I have things coming, I am slowly seaming a new cardigan, Wisteria and really when it’s done, I will make a proper entry. Back to my needle now..

Monday, May 2, 2016

Every last bit



Last week after I finished Polaris, I was a bit stuck. On the one hand, I had a number of summer projects that I had in mind for this summer, so one of those would be the obvious thing to cast on. Except that the weather was really not for summer knitting. Hail & sleet are really not enticing for starting a summer project. But it was the end of April, and surely a change of weather has to come...

I made a Cladonia earlier this year and that was quite a fun project. I had quite a bit of the counter colour left-over and if I would have just enough of a main, that would be fine little project to tide me over. I had to repair a small hole in one of M’s sweaters, so I went through my left-over basket and found more than 1/2 a skein of Tosh Merino light in Iris (blue), so ideal… I would have a red and a blue Cladonia…. 


I casted on and about half-way through the main body I started to get doubts whether I would have enough blue… I did also have quite a bit of the main colour left-over from my first shawl, so that was an option. When I was at the point to knit the lace, I measured both my blue and my red skein and the red was just about 3 grams more, and I though OK I go for the biggest one and make a red, white, blue shawl instead. After all, I am dutch so there is that aspect ;-)

This was a good decision since at the end I started to get really really nervous, but I made it, but my red skein is completely gone now… 

And the weather? The weather has changed now, mild sunny days is the prospect….