Sunday, January 31, 2016




Finding the right red for lipstick can be a difficult thing. I think I found it, only it is wool and it is called Tosh Merino Light in Scarlet… 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Seeing red


I seem to knit a lot with red these days. I am not sure how that happened, but I am on my fourth project in a row that features some red or red-like colours. It seems that things come in waves. I knitted striped projects in a row, or I had a period where every other project was blue. Now it is red and in the bleak midwinter it is somehow fitting. Anyways I knitted a beret that was a nice fast knit as I was kind of deciding what to make next.  


And my next project is a very cheerful red, s small shawl in red&white in Tosh Merino Light. I got this yarn as a grab-bag and the white colour way is called Holi festival and yes it is white with splatters of very vivid colours, just like Holi festival. But I am actually not a big fan of the splatter colour ways, I prefer the more tonal ones where there is a shimmering of very similar colours to create a nice effect. In any case, if you get the yarn very cheap, one shouldn’t complain, so I thought, combined with a more solid colour it might just work for me. So there, combined with a very cheerful red, I think this is a nice combination. And cheery is just what we need! 



After this I have a cardigan planned (in blue) and S wants a sweater (in Grey), end of the period red?

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tee for mee



Sometimes it is just good to make something for yourself…. a nice wool, a good colour and a pattern to match…. Not much to write about though when things seem to work. Well almost that is, the collar is not entirely as I wanted it. It is finished with an i-cord trim, but that I-cord is flipping upwards and not downwards and that makes that there is an extra line there. It is not ugly, but just not as sleek as I wanted it. Ah well as I do not know why this is and I guess that more blocking with this in mind will work, I will live with it. And otherwise it is a feature….

I am happy with it, and after all that’s what counts or?

Pictures are not great, melting snow day and I just didn’t want to go outside….


Monday, January 4, 2016

A good start!


The winter holidays have been a real good time for me. slowly knitting away on my cardigan project. Today was the first day that I actually did really touch work related stuff again (I am preparing for a presentation I have to give on Friday) so in good time I finished my stranded knitting project yesterday. And I am pleased!  I had to tweak the design that I used on the main body to be able to do the decreases in the yoke, but as I used the same design on the sleeves i still think it comes together very neatly. I used the formula for a yoked sweater from “The Opinionated Knitter” , 4 rows of decreases in total. Some short rows just under the the yoke shape the neckline.

I found some neat fish-eye buttons at a 2nd hand/vintage shop my eldest likes to go in Malmö. They matched one of the pinks exactly so that was real lucky too.

Now I didn’t make many notes (too busy with the knitting), so I fear that this will not become a proper pattern. I do have the schematics for the colour work though... 



So with that I can just wish that you all will have a good 2016!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Time to relax



Being at home for the winter break with truly terrible weather can be quite relaxing. No real work to think about, apart from keeping the house reasonably clean, no major projects planned, no big travels ongoing, so I can do a bit more complicated knitting. I am making a cardigan for M, some stranded colourwork of an own design. It requires just some attention, so good for days like these. I am enjoying myself, hope you are too finding time for some relaxing things….

The yarn is Onion Nettle Sock yarn, a fine fingering yarn with 70% super wash wool and 30% nettles. It has a very nice sheen and great drape. It behaves quite a bit like linen but it is much softer. It comes in a range of muted colours that just called out to me… It is more spring like, but in a way that is good too for this time of year.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Yule berry



I am not a big shawl wearer but I do have this dress and really it could do with some cover when it is a bit colder. A cardigan would of course work, but sometimes one ones something just a little bit dressier, a little bit more festive. So a shawl would be it, but just not too go too much in dainty territory, a shawl in worsted wool. I had the yarn reserved for this project for quite some time, a nice rustic tweed ( Brooklyn Tweed Shelter) and the pattern is the Juneberry Triangle. A nice thing about knitting lace with worsted weight is that it is very very fast to knit it. I started last week, I had the luck to have to attend a 2-hours audio-only telephone conference for work, and I just could knit away during that exercise. So in less than a week, ready for Christmas, my Yuleberry...

The colour is hard to catch, it is closer to the colour in the photo below, a purple with hints of red and a bit of white. Some subtle buds and a very nice border finish this one.


 I could make some time for making some photos, in between the baking that is on-going in our kitchen. The youngest made lussekatter yesterday, the oldest is making a Chestnut-Flavoured Cheesecake for dessert, mmmm

And yes we did another Christmassy thing yesterday, we went to see Star Wars… I never saw the original trio in the cinema, instead there was one year during my PhD that we hired all three (good old-fashioned videos)  and watched them all within a day or so… Ever since that Star Wars is for me linked to Christmas, even with my own children we saw the first three during a Christmas break… so going to the cinema last night was real good fun!

But still, at heart I am a Star Trekkie, those I did watch ( & rewatch) as a child, I guess first impressions have a life-long hold….


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Hat On



Sometimes a small project can be so rewarding. This hat is such a project, soft yarn, a good colour and a nice cable pattern. Just the project for these dark days.

The pattern is Kathleen, the yarn some Malabrigo merino worsted in Jewel Blue.